Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution (2006)

By: Caroline Weber

When her carriage first crossed over from her native Austria into France, fourteen-year-old Marie Antoinette was taken out, stripped naked before an entourage, and dressed in French attire to please the court of her new king. For a short while, the young girl played the part.

But by the time she took the throne, everything had changed. In Queen of Fashion, Caroline Weber tells of the radical restyling that transformed the young queen into an icon and shaped the future of the nation. With her riding gear, her white furs, her pouf hairstyles, and her intricate ballroom disguises, Marie Antoinette came to embody–gloriously and tragically–all the extravagance of the monarchy.


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New York : H. Holt, 2006. 1st edition.

ISBN: 1069-8825

OCLC Number: 888917812

Table of contents

Table of contents


One: Pandora’s Box

Two: Stripped

Three: Corseted

Four: Ride like a Man

Five:  The Pouf Ascendant

Six: The Simple Life

Seven: Galling Garb

Eight: Revolutionary Redress

Nine: True Colors

Ten: Black

Eleven: White






About the author

About the author

Caroline Weber is an associate professor of French at Barnard College, Columbia university. A specialist in eighteenth century French literature, culture and history. She has also taught at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University. Her other publications include Terror and Its Discontents, a well received and widely taught book on the Reign of Terror; an edited volume of Yale French Studies; and numerous academic articles.

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