New African Fashion (2011)

By: Helen Jennings

From Africa-inspired to African-made, this guide is the first to celebrate a new wave of fashion designers who are emerging on the global stage.

Ever since the late 1960s when Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne presented African-inspired collections, the textiles, details, and colors of Africa have moved into the realm of high fashion. In the past few years, young designers from the continent itself have emerged as people to watch in the fashion world. Helen Jennings, editor of award-winning ARISE magazine, offers in this book a brief history of African fashion, beauty and style, follows its influence on modern designers, and spotlights the best designers, photographers, and models from across the continent and the African diaspora. Profiling popular lines such as Duro Olowu, Jewel by Lisa, Black Coffee, and Eric Raisina, Jennings explores the myriad reasons why African fashion is having its moment in the sun. She shows how designers are looking beyond clichés of the African aesthetic by embracing both traditional and contemporary fabrics and garments, and how the passion for ethically and environmentally conscious clothing is fueling this trend. As colorful and exciting as the fashions it features, this volume will appeal to anyone interested in following the world’s most exciting new fashion development.

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Munich : Prestel, 2011
Format 239 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm
ISBN : 9783791345796  3791345796
OCLC : 729342203  ocn729342203

Table of contents

Table of contents

FOREWORD by Ike Ude 6

Duro Olowu Prints Charming 20
Xu\y Bet Recycling Pioneer 26
Mimi Flange A/ro-c/iSiflc 30
Casely-Hayford Two of a Kind 32
FAFA Destination Nairobi 38
Gloria Wavamunno Loud Speaker 42
Amine Bendriouich Medina Maverick 44
Maki Oh The Thinker 46
Eric Raisina Spiritual Explorer 52
Omer Asim 85.
Maya Antoun Great Minds 56
Ozwald Boateng Bespoke Couturier 58
Mataano Sisters in Style 64
Lanre Da Silva Ajayi Silver Siren 68
Black Coffee Bastion of Bauhaus 70
Momo Renaissance Woman 76
Bunmi Koko Power Couple 80
Nkwo Bird of Paradise 82
StidLanTonw (Un)traditionalist 84
Loin Cloth & Ashes Daydreamer 90
Tsemaye Binitie Glamazon 94
Tiffany Amber Cruise Controller 96
Buki Akib Quintessential Nigerian 102
Bridget Awosika City Slicker 106
Accessories Alex Folzi, Kwame Brako, Anita Quansah, Albertus Swanepoel, Free Peoples Rebellion 108
David Tlale Hot Tz’cto 114
Re Bahia Mummy’s Girl 118
Jewel by Lisa Star Bng/it 120
Emeka Alams Slave to the Rhythm 126
Suzaan Heyns Fashion’s Frankenstein 130
Deola Sagoe Queen Bee 132
A. Sauvage Costumier 138
Thula Sindi Straight Talker 142
LaLesso Beach Babes 144
Ituen Basi Las Gidi Londoner 146
Samantha Cole London Goddess of Darkness 152
Heni New Romantic 156
Bestow Elan Karma Chameleon 158
Angelo Van Mol Antwerp One 160
Christie Brown Lady Grace 164
Pierre-Antoine Vettorello Firestarter 166
KLuKCGDT Best Met? 168

FACES 1 72
Kinee Diouf Super Model 174
Alek Wek Model Citizen 178
Under cover Agents Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo and Heidi Verster 182
Armando Cabral Sole Man 184
Flaviana Matata Class Act 188
Nana Keita Bamako Beauty 190
The Harlem Boys GerDuany, Salieu Jalloh and Sy Allasane 192
Faces of Africa Oluchi Onweagba, Kate Tachie-Menson and Lukundo Nalungwe 196
David Agbodji Man About Town 200
Georgie Baddiel Ouagadougou Girl 202
ly Ogunkoya Bright Eyes 206
Ataui Deng &Ajak Deng Fafou/oMsTioo 208

ART 212
Karl-Edwin Guerre Fine Dandy 214
Hassan Hajjaj Arabian Knight 220
Chris Saunders Happy Snapper 226


About the author

About the author

Helen Jennings is the editor of ARISE, an award-winning fashion magazine with a focus on contemporary African fashion. She knows the African continent well through her many long stays there and is familiar with the African fashion scene through her participation in many local fashion events. Over the course of her journalistic activities she has published several issue-specific texts in fashion magazines such as i-DThe Face, and Time Out. She lives and works in London.

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