The Victoria & Albert Museum in their “Introduction to 20th-Century Fashion” writes of this period:

“Designers began to look to nations of the so-called ‘Third World’ for inspiration and nostalgically turned to the past, especially the 1930s and ’40s, for stylistic guidance. In the luxurious world of high fashion Bill Gibb became famous for his clothes embellished with applique and embroidered designs. A full-skirted 1972 dress with matching turban reflects the mood for clothing with a gentle ethnic influence. It is made of patchworked cotton fabrics designed by Susan Collier and Sarah Campbell for Liberty and has applied leather thongs and streamers.”


Egon and Diane Von Furstenberg

Fig. 1 - Photographer unknown. Egon and Diane Von Furstenberg, 1970. Source: Gioia


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Historical Context

Wikipedia: 1970-1979
  • 1971 – Halston, considered by American socialites as the best evening wear designer, is given the “Winnie” (women’s wear award) at the Coty American Fashion Critics’ Awards.
  • 1972 – Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto designs costumes for David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust tour. British designer Bill Gibb holds his debut fashion show at the Oriental Club, London. His romantic clothes include printed leather skirts and colorful knits.
  • 1975 – Italian designer Giorgio Armani founds his own label. London punk band the Sex Pistols play their first gig at Saint Martin’s College of Art.
  • 1976 – The comedy crime drama Charlie’s Angels makes its debut on US television. The three female leads are celebrated for their hairstyles and individual fashion choices.
  • 1977 – Ralph Lauren styles Diane Keaton’s wardrobe in Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall, launching numerous copycat looks of baggy linen pants and crisp white shirts and ties for women.
  • 1978 – Perry Ellis founds his own line, showing American sportswear, clothes with loose tailoring, long lines, and oversized sweaters.

Primary/Period Sources

Resources for Fashion History Research

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