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Middle Ages

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12th century – Norman Mosaics

The Norman Mosaics are a series of 12th-century artworks in churches across Sicily. The dress seen in these mosaics reflects Byzantine styles including the divetesion and loros. The mosaics have notably also served as inspiration for designers in the 21st century.


Clothing during the Byzantine era was strictly regulated based on identity, status, rank, and gender. Visual and literary sources from the period provide a glimpse to Byzantine court and upper-class dress. 

Early Middle Ages

OVERVIEW Womenswear [To come…] Fig. 1 - Artist unknown. Coronation of a prince : formerly identified with Charlemagne, circa 870. Illumination on parchment; 27 ×...


A rectangular panel, often ornamented with embroidery or jewels, attached to the front of a cloak. Worn as a sign of status by Byzantine emperors and other important officials.


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