Five Centuries of Japanese Kimono: On This Sleeve of Fondest Dreams (2008)

This issue is devoted to the museum’s collection of Japanese costumes and has been prepared in conjunction with the exhibition Five centuries of Japanese kimono: on this sleeve of fondest dreams.

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Chicago, IL : Art Institute of Chicago, 1992
Format: 104 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
ISBN : 0865591008  9780865591004
OCLC : 26891014

Table of contents

Table of contents

The use of costumes in Nō drama / Monica Bethe
Nō drama and other Japanese costumes in the Art Institute of Chicago / Mary V. Hays and Ralph E. Hays
Utamaro’s views of sericulture / James T. Ulak
Hinagata bon: the Art Institute of Chicago collection of kimono pattern books / Betty Y. Siffert


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