Fashion in the Western world, 1500-1990 (1992)

By: Doreen Yarwood

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This concise history of the fashions of the Western world from the Renaissance to the present day, covers manufacture and design, including the structure and cut of garments, colours and fabrics, headwear, footwear and accessories.

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London : B.T. Batsford, 1992.
ISBN: 071345685X 9780713456851 0713456841 9780713456844 0896761495 9780896761490
OCLC Number: 29386777
Description: 176 pages, [12] pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

Table of contents

Table of contents

1500-1540: The Renaissance extends westward —
1540-1620: The Spanish influence —
1620-1660: Elegance and naturalism —
1660-1715: Baroque richness —
1715-1760: Rococo delicacy —
1760-1800: Artificial extremism to revolutionary change —
1800-1830: Classicism to romanticism —
1830-1865: Industrial prosperity —
1865-1890: Expansion of manufacture and style —
1890-1914: End of an era —
1914-1950: Fashion for all in the modern world —
1950 onwards: The dress of today.

About the author

About the author

Freelance writer and lecturer in art and architecture. Author of Fashion in the Western World; Encyclopaedia of World Costume; and others.

Student reviews

2 reviews for Fashion in the Western world, 1500-1990 (1992)

  1. kelsey lynch

    This book is a great starting point if you are looking to get an overall understanding of garments from 1500-1990. It is a small book so it isn’t able to give a lot of info about everything but makes up for it with illustrations.

  2. India Chudnow

    Despite being a bit older this book has a clear index, as well as really nice illustrations and tells the story of the garment in an interesting manner. Does not seem to go very in depth, this book is more useful for a general survey.

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