History of World Costume and Fashion (2011)

By: Daniel Delis Hill

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Most surveys of historical dress have been written solely from a Eurocentric perspective with only passing references to the dress traditions of the rest of the world. In the History of World Costume and Fashion, Daniel Delis Hill presents a global view of costumes and cultural styles including those of Asia, Africa, the Islamic world, and ancient Americas. In addition to descriptive details of dress, this study includes significant analysis of the social function of dress such as gender or age differentiation, community membership, ceremonial purpose, social status, and period aesthetics.

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Prentice Hall, 2011

ISBN: 9780130992239 0130992232

OCLC Number: 731445106

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Table of contents

Table of contents

Chapter 1 – Prehistory Chapter 2 – The Ancient Near EastChapter 3 – EgyptChapter 4 – The AegeanChapter 5 – Etruria and RomeChapter 6 – ByzantiumChapter 7 – Northern Europe in the Early Middles AgesChapter 8 – Islamic EmpireChapter 9 – ChinaChapter 10 – JapanChapter 11 – IndiaChapter 12 – AfricaChapter 13 – The Ancient AmericasChapter 14 – Middle AgesChapter 15 – Italy and Spain in the Renaissance 1450-1600Chapter 16 – Northern RenaissanceChapter 17 – The Seventeenth CenturyChapter 18 – The Eighteenth Century Chapter 19 – The Nineteenth Century 1800-1850Chapter 20 – The Nineteenth Century 1850-1900Chapter 21 – The Twentieth Century 1900-1920Chapter 22 – The Twentieth Century 1920-1940Chapter 23 – The Twentieth Century 1940-1960Chapter 24 – The Twentieth Century 1960-1980Chapter 25 – The Twentieth Century 1980-PresentChapter 26 – The Fashion Makers

About the author

About the author

Daniel Delis Hill is a Fashion Historian and author of several books on Fashion, including Fashion from Victoria to the New Millennium (2012).

Student reviews

8 reviews for History of World Costume and Fashion (2011)

  1. wealii

    This book is very helpful. Recently, I was studying the history of fashion in China. Last week I saw a blog about modern Hanfu. I think that young people in China are more and more interested in traditional elements.

  2. Daniel Verhey

    The book is very descriptive and detail oriented and has a wide range of pictures and definitions from all different centuries garments. The glossary and index is very helpful and easy to use when trying to find terms.

  3. Kellianne Randazzo

    The book has a very helpful index. After finding the word/concept you are looking for the book gives you a page to find it on. After turning to that page it helps you understand the word better and puts it into context.

  4. Rita Jones

    This book is very well written and helpful. There are really nice illustrations and easy to understand definitions of a lot of terms from different time periods.

  5. Gina DeLuca

    This book is extremely informative with lots of images referenced to the bolded vocabulary words. Additionally, it is very organized in separating ideas in the chapters, such as “Egyptian Ideals of Beauty” and “Costumes of the Upper Class” in the Egypt section.

  6. lyns1697

    This text is very clear and easy to follow. The images included in the text are clearly described in the writing!

  7. Wesley Wong

    Very well written and easy to understand. There are a lot of great illustrations that accompany certain terms and definitions.

  8. Chun Che Chou

    This book contains a lot of pictures for comparison and understanding ideas thoroughly. In addition to that, the index is clear and the book itself is easily read.

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